18 May 2021

Tourism Poster Contest: Children Drawing Cyprus

The Centre of Visual Arts and Research (CVAR), celebrating International Museum Day, announces a Tourism Poster Art Contest for children aged 6-12 titled:

Children Drawing Cyprus’

The contest is supported by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

The subject of the contest is drawn from posters in CVAR’s collections dating from the mid-20th century and created to advertise Cyprus as a tourist destination. For that purpose, the British administration hired professional artists to draw representative and attractive images of the island.

Inspired by the museum’s historical posters, children are invited to create their own tourism poster about Cyprus. The poster’s goal will be to attract visitors to Cyprus by showing the island’s beauties.

Participants could draw a monument they have visited, a scenery that impressed them, something related to the flora and fauna of the island or anything else they think is related to the natural and cultural treasures of the island.

The aim of the contest is for children to observe, recognize and value the natural and cultural treasures of Cyprus and to then select and draw what they find the most representative of the island.

For more information follow the link (in Greek)

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