13 Haz 2023

Results of the seascape competition

We are very happy that for the third consecutive year we organized, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, an event for children, on the occasion of the award ceremony for the seascape competition. The evening on June 17th at 18:00, at Eleftherias Square, was a celebration of the sea, nature, art, museums, tourism, love for the environment and our surroundings, a celebration for children, their creativity, and imagination.

The collections of the Center of Visual Arts and Research include more than 1000 paintings created by traveling artists who started visiting Cyprus from the 18th century onwards. Through their works, we observe the creation of a narrative that, from the beginning of the 20th century and onwards, promotes Cyprus as a tourist destination. The museum's paintings and the themes they present have been the source of inspiration for this competition for the past three years. Children are inspired by these paintings, and with their own artwork, they become ambassadors of tourism in Cyprus, presenting the island and its hidden or more visible beauties through their own eyes.

In light of the theme of the International Museum Day 2023, Museums, Sustainability, and the Well-being, the chosen theme for this year's event was 'My Sea... A Dive into Art'. Children were invited to bring the magic of the sea to life and highlight its timeless significance in art, capturing various aspects such as its precious ecosystem, human activity revolving around it, and the emotions it evokes. Through this process, they had the opportunity not only to observe and depict the sea artistically but also to understand its important role in our lives and the need to respect and protect it.

The competition this year was aimed at children aged 5 to 12 and had two categories: 5 to 8 years old and 9 to 12 years old. For each category, there were three thematic subcategories: biodiversity, human activity, and emotions. The competition concluded on May 31st, and we received a total of 600 artworks from children from various parts of Cyprus. Managing the volume of submissions, as well as evaluating and selecting the artworks, was a challenge for the entire team, as the number of entries multiplied compared to previous years. The ranking of the artworks was based on the ratings of a five-member committee, consisting of:

  • Maria Socratous (Senior Tourism Officer)
  • Andri Tomasidou (Assistant Tourism Officer)
  • Eleni Neophytidou (Artist)
  • Elisavet Felekidou (Education Officer at the Center of Visual Arts and Research)
  • and Natasa Charalambous ( Head Education Officer at the Center of Visual Arts and Research)

Based on the ratings, approximately 300 artworks were presented in the exhibition, while all 600 artworks by the children will be featured in an online exhibition on the museum's website in a few days.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Ministry of Tourism for believing in this collaboration with the museum and recognizing the role that children, art, and museums can play in promoting Cyprus as a tourist destination. We would especially like to thank the officers of the Ministry of Tourism, Maria Socratous, Andri Tomasidou, and Skevi Konstantinou, for their excellent cooperation.

Finally, we would like to thank the children who enlisted their creativity and gifted us with all these beautiful seascape paintings.

Congratulations to everyone!


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