29 Eyl 2018

Best In Heritage

Having won a Europa Nostra Grand Prix award last year, the Centre of Visual Arts & Research (CVAR) was invited to participate in this year’s Best in Heritage, an annual conference organised by the European Heritage Association, a non- governmental, non-profit organisation based in Zagreb and dedicated to promoting every aspect of professional excellence in heritage professions, in partnership with Europa Nostra (with support by the Creative Europe programme) and the International Council of Museums (ICOM).The conference features award-winning museums along with heritage and conservation projects. “The Best in Heritage is a specific conference. It selects the best awarded projects from the heritage sector in the preceding year and does so on the global level. It therefore offers [a] unique panorama of quality achievements. … Since the beginning in 2002, the strategy was simple: same time, same place, one-track conference with an intimate atmosphere and imperceptible organization.” (From Best in Heritage 2018 Conference Report).

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