13 Eki 2021

Lecture: The Golden Age of Spain, Cervantes, and Cyprus

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The Golden Age of Spain, Cervantes, and Cyprus

Oh, pitiful ruins of unfortunate Nicosia, still wet from the blood of your brave and unfortunate defenders! [...] 
Miguel de Cervantes, El Amante Liberal (1613).

Room for Art proudly announces its collaboration with Centro de Estudios Bizantinos, Neogriegos y Chipriotas de Granada in organizing the cultural event “The Golden Age of Spain, Cervantes, and Cyprus,” scheduled to take place on 13 October 2021 at the CVAR.

Moschos Morfakides Phylactos, Director of the Center and Professor of Philology at the University of Granada will give a lecture on the classic works:

- Relación de la guerra de Chipre y suceso de la batalla naval de Lepanto


- El Amante Liberal

Local actor Marilena Achilleos will perform excerpts from the Greek translation.

*Room for Art aspires to contribute, through its projects, toward the creation of a cultural hub within the walls of the old town of Nicosia and to promote the walled city as a cultural destination for local and international artists and researchers (www.roomforart.eu).