What I Saw

24 Kas 2023

Frederick Breul

In December 1895 a couple of friends from the British army stationed in Cyprus decided to take a tour of the northern part of the island.

Started off with Stayner and Stewart on mules with Turkish saddles to St Hilarion. It is about 14 miles from Nicosia but the best 3 miles is all uphill climbing. We started at 9.45 and got there at 1. We spent 3 1/2 hours there and got back at 6.30. Ashmore gave us lunch. It is a most wonderful old castle belonging to a former King of Cyprus. We could see Syria and a good deal of Cyprus from the top. Going back my mule nearly killed me as he had to trod to keep up with the others and chased (?) me fearfully. Breakfasted and dined with Ashmore who went off to Larnaca for a few days after. We then said goodbye.

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