19 May 1930

Swedish archaeologist Alfred Westholm, writing to his mother, explained his troubles with labour in Cyprus:

Here on Cyprus the harvest has been in full progress these last few days and because of this we have great trouble with the workers. They have left the excavations and for a while it looked as though we would have to stop entirely. When Einar was here the day before yesterday we decided to fill the gap with the Petra excavation for 10 days or so until working conditions return to normal. So on Tuesday we will start down there. Vivi’s last stay at Vouni will therefore be abruptly interrupted, but she does not seem terribly put out by that and will bravely just move down with us to Limnitis, which anyway is one of her favourite places. There we shall camp in tents and morning and evenings make our way out to Petra by boat. The whole thing has something really adventurously appealing about it! Limnitis is perhaps the most beautiful valley on all of Cyprus. We often go there on our evening walks.