28 May 1887

FH Guillemard in his diary:

[At Kykko] The mules haven’t come so I suppose the keradji must be away. Hope they will come tonight, for there is that about this place that is enough to make one cut one’s throat. The life these monks must lead makes one shudder. Happily they are as ignorant as cattle and do not drink or smoke. What they do is hard to say, for there is little cultivation around the monastery. Their day appears to be 3.00-5.00am church. Then coffee in the coffee room and library. Breakfast, bread and meat, at 9.00am. Dinner at 12 noon – then everyone, every mother’s son of them- goes to sleep and wakes up at 5.00pm or thereabouts. Then after a loaf they have supper at 7.00 and so to bed. The gates are shut about 9.00pm.