11 Kas 1878

Baroness Annie Allnott Brassey went through Nicosia

 Baroness Annie Allnott Brassey went through Nicosia:

The night was again cold, and even at 8 a.m. breakfast, by which time the sun was high and bright, the air was still chilly. About 10 a.m. we started to ride to Kythraea, a village situated in a lovely valley, about ten miles off. Our road at first was by way of the bridge over the river Pedaeus. Close by is a precipice, down which are thrown the carcases of all the animals that die or are killed in the town; consequently there was a pack of hungry half-starved dogs hanging about, who barked at us most vociferously as we disturbed them. We passed a corner of the town, and rode along under the massive walls to the Kerynia gate, which forms the entrance to a fortress, and is very like the Famagusta gate, already described…