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25 Mar 2021

Esme Scott-Stevenson, Our Home in Cyprus, London, Chapman and Hall, 1880

Esme Scott-Stevenson was the wife of Kyrenia Commissioner Captain Andrew Scott-Stevenson with who she came to Cyprus in 1878. As they reached the northern range of mountains they found themselves...

“amidst myrtle and fir-trees, and saw down the valley sides winding lanes of pink oleander bordering the rushing torrents. I felt I was getting to that Cyprus which, as a child, history and geography had taught me to consider so rich and beautiful”.

The author goes on to describe in wonderful scenes her life on the island, the people, the landscape and relates her escapades. She talks of the bazaars of Nicosia, the Cypriot jewellery, her first “tent” dinner party, the Cypriot ladies, Greek and Turkish, her home on the harbour of Kyrenia, the court proceedings, the palms of Famagusta, etc.

A wonderful book full of nostalgia, a journey through Cyprus which compels the reader to visit each place mentioned and enhances one’s love for this island. Available at the CVAR library.

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