Music has always been a very important part of the culture in Cyprus, and this online exhibit, the "Sounds of Cyprus," means to showcase the multicultural identities of Cyprus through the eyes of visitors. The exhibition is aimed at displaying the predominance of music in Cypriot culture during the 20th century. Through the depictions of scenes of everyday life such as, family gatherings, celebrations, and ceremonies this collection acts as a visual reminder of the presence of the rich musical culture throughout the island. This collection includes a series of photographs and paintings to create an engaging and multidimensional experience. Utilizing the materials found at CVAR, we chose the materials that display the multicultural nature of Cyprus' musical heritage, as well as the unifying factors that it holds. The main goal of this exhibit is to express the importance of music in 20th century Cyprus, as well as to show the power of music as a unifying force, the role that music in Cyprus has had in establishing multicultural identities, and how the presence of music acts as a form of expression that lies at the heart of tradition.