Giorgio Cornaro, Caterina Cornaro’s brother, arrived in Nicosia. He persuaded Caterina, much against her will, to resign herself to the orders of the Signory:

“Are not my lords of Venice content to have their island when I am dead, that they would deprive me thus soon of what my husband left me?" Asked Caterina.

He replied  with arguments that can well be imagined with the help of the long speech put in his mouth by the Cypriot and Venetian chroniclers: the exposed position of Cyprus, which the year before had only been saved from Bayazid by the presence of  the Venetian fleet, but which, remote as it was, might at any time be attacked before Venetian help could reach it. The glory which she would acquire by making a gift of her kingdom to her fatherland, the wonderful reception which awaited her; and the promise of quiet and happy days, free from all anxiety, living as a lady of her own fief.