Doctor Pegasiou, from Karavas village, Cyprus, sent a letter to Swedish archaeologist Einar Gjerstad with notes on customs related to marriage:

1) Before the bride and groom enter their new home, they both stand in front of the entrance. A plate is handed over to the groom which contains honey and almonds. The groom dips an almond in honey and offers it to his bride. Then he eats one as well. He also offers to the bridegrooms and bridesmaids and to all the relatives present.

2) Before the bride crosses the entrance of her home, she takes a pomegranate and crushes it against the upper part of the door. Note that the pomegranate was always thought of as the holy fruit of goddess Hera, the protector of marriage.

3) The groom, before crossing the threshold of his home, takes a chicken, steps on its feet and wings and then slaughters it with a knife.