The Swedish archaeologist Alfred Westholm (known as Alfiros) often received visitors at Vouni:

Everyone who sees me tells me that I radiate physical strength and good health. I heard this most recently just earlier today from none less than our friend Riyly at Levka, who came here for a visit this evening with a select group from the American Skuriotissa mines. I was just floating down in the sea when they arrived, but Sofoklis stepped out onto the edge of the cliff and shouted to me to come up. It is always a pleasure to meet pleasant Englishmen! They actually are quite like us. I gave a brief tour of the excavations, before we turned our attention to the eager consumption of cocktails while enjoying the sunset from Vouni. Riyly seemed very keen to come up here to stay for a week or so after Midsummer. That should be quite fun! I promised not to forget his villa in Levka at the weekends, or at whatever time at all. When the English make plans in this way there is no ceremony and no fuss. Each one says right out exactly what he means. Eventually the party returned to their car, after inviting me to a large swimming party on Sunday.