Accidents happen to the best of us and the members of the Swedish Cyprus Archaeological Expedition suffered some as well, as recorded by Alfiros, one of the Swedish excavators:

The last of April in the morning. Yesterday evening when we were down swimming, Einar passed briefly through here on his way to Polis. According to a letter from Erikos, terrible things had happened there.

A grave chamber had collapsed and one of the workers was killed. I did not see Einar myself, but it is a horrible affair which will affect him very deeply.

It is really a tragic end to such a brilliant excavation. Near accidents have occurred several times at Polis as the cliff rock is very loose and crumbles at almost nothing, but safety precautions had naturally been taken and the dig has continued until now when the accident occurred. Even Erikos himself had to be pulled out from under a minor landslide once, but he got by with only some back pain.