Swedish Archeologist Alfred Westholm wrote to his parents about his Easter escapades:

So, we arrived in the afternoon at Polis, where Erikos was just enjoying one of the expedition’s luckiest excavation days with wonderful Greek tombs full of red-figure vessels and terracotta statues. It was a pure delight to see it all and Erikos’s own finder’s joy too. We spent a pleasant evening together divided between Erikos’s lodgings in a palace-like Greek house, and the largest café in the village. The delight of the Polites at having gotten the renowned Swedes to their village was clear to see. ---- On Easter eve we broke up early from Polis and drove the same way back to Vouni, where we had lunch. The trip as planned by way of Kykkou had to be scrapped, as practically every mile of the road had been ruined by the winter rains. At tea time we arrived back in Nicosia, where the Easter ceremonies were already prepared in the Gjerstad home. The high point of the evening was naturally a grand and noble contest in egg-eating among the men of the expedition, and in sandwich-eating for the ladies.