The Swedish Expedition welcomed a new arrival to the island, another Swede, expert on ore discoveries. Alfred Westholm commented:

I had met with Karl Sundberg and his wife already earlier in the week who have come here to inspect the ore-searching company on Cyprus. The Gjerstads had invited them for a picnic lunch up in the Kerynia mountains for Sunday and I was naturally to be included. We were almost already acquainted. Sundberg was a tranquil and pleasant gentleman and the outing was in all a success. We even made an extra turn to Bella-Païse outside Kerynia. The Sundbergs return to Sweden this week. Now I have nothing more to write about other than the weather and that cannot be of any interest. The late and chilly winter seems to be turning somewhat, at least one believes that in the middle of the day if one is standing in the sun. After the malaria I have a limitless need for warmth and I am glad that almost all of our tombs are open and sunny. Even my swims are beginning to be “pleasant” with a temperature of +20-25° degrees, but there is still a long way to go. You hear that climactically speaking I have become completely Cypriote. The waves sound all night long against the shore and the owls cry in the haroupia trees outside my hut