The German author Christophi Fürer visited Cyprus 29 March - 7 May 1566:

On the last day of March we left Larnica at night, for the intolerable heat made travelling by day impossible, and the following morning we entered Famagusta. It was built on a rock, and though not very large is well fortified, and has a narrow but safe harbour which is closed by chains, and is well suited as an anchorage for light vessels. On the right it has very charming gardens of citrons, pomegranates and quinces. As in Egypt the natives draw the water with which they irrigate the land, and which supplies the daily wants of the city, by the joint use of oxen and wheels. The city is distinguished by a bishop’s see, in whose cathedral dedicated to S. Nicolas, lies buried Jacques the last king of Cyprus. You may read his epitaph on the left of the choir of this church. “To Jacques de Lusignan, king of Jerusalem, Cyprus and Armenia, be praise unstinted for his noble deeds and his triumphs over the enemy…”