Lucinda Pease described in her diary the closing ceremony of the school year at Larnaca:

I was asked by the owner of the house whether he should strew the floor with myrtle and laurel branches. Being unacquainted with such matters, I told him to act at his own pleasure; but finding out, by inquiry, that such was the custom, I told him by all means to do so and it was accordingly done. About a dozen children were examined in reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, sacred history, the catechism and decologie and passed the ordeal very credibly. As each one performed his part, a certificate of his or her progress was reading in the hearing of all, and he received as a reward a crown of myrtle and laurel, with the addition of a ribbon, gold lace etc. and then was applauded by the clapping hands and the ευγε! Well done!! by all.