American missionary Lorenzo Warriner Pease noted the complexities of gift giving to the entourage of the Church:

A few days ago we presented the Αποθήκη to Germanos the protopapas of the church of St. Lazarus. Last night Kyprianos asked me if it was a present for the church or for Germanos himself? Saying that the oeconomos had requested him to ask the question. I told him that we presented it to Germanos, but always with the understanding that the rest should enjoy the benefits of it: that I supposed that a ‘Brotherly society’ would be willing to use such things in common. Mr. Charalambos laughed and said that Germanos would keep it without letting the rest use it and that the Archbishop even would put the ‘Mother at Home’ which I have recently sent him into his own apartment and allow no one to use it, like a dog in the manger.