From the private journal of Lieutenant Donisthopre Donne, district officer of Limassol:

Having inspected the Police Detachment and slept at the little Konak, we started next a.m for the Marathasas valley. It is a good eight hours’ ride to Ghikko (Kykko) Monastery but through some of the finest and wildest scenery in Cyprus. The bridlepath is rough and steep continually crossing and recrossing the stream until one at length arrives at the quaint old village of Kampos (Kambos). Lunching here at a very clean and respectable little dwelling where our hostess was busy weaving, we continued our journey up the steep hill sides to Ghikko and after innumerable twisting and turnings round the hilltops, at length sites this greatest and most important of Cyprian Monasteries. It was a massive looking building under the brown of a hill to protect it from the west, with a fine view of Troodos opposite. The Monastery is very rich with a staff of about 80 monks so needless to state we were regally entertained. The Agumenos was a grand old veteran and showed us all over the curious and unique old Chapel. I also tasted the Ghikko "red mastic" for the 1st  time.