William Turner, a member of staff at the British Embassy in Constantinople, described Larnaca from the sea:

The whole of the coast that we passed today was very verdabt and varied by moderate mountains and rich valleys, which at intervals contained most delicious meadows. In the afternoon we passed Cape Citti, whence we saw the pretty village of the same name and at ten miles distance the Marchina of Larnaca, before which we anchored just at sunset, and were delighted with the neat appearance of its houses, with its verdure and its palm trees. We went immediately ashore and I was pleased on landing to be accosted by a Turk, who spoke a little English, which he had picked up when a boy from the ships employed in the expedition to Egypt that anchored here. We walked immediately to Larnaca, about a quarter of a mile distance from the Marchina, where I went to the house of the English consul.