William Turner, staff member at the British Embassy in Constantinople, spent enough time on the island to afford himself a good idea of the land and its people:

In the morning I went with Signor Vondiziano (who put himself in grand state, with a large cocked hat which he always wears, even in the house, a gold-headed cane, and preceded by a janizary) to visit the Austrian consul, who lived in a good house near us. He has lately Marchried a young lady of the country, who was tolerably pretty. He was now much frightened by a report brought two-three days ago by ship from Constantinople, that Austria, in conjunction with Russia had declared war against the Porte. From which fear I delivered him. I afterwards walked to the Marchina, where I bought two or three little trifles of which I stood in need, as almost all the magazines and bazaars are there. Being caught here in a most furious storm of hail and rain, I ran for shelter to the house of Mr How, but it lasted so long that I said and dined with him on some salt fish and some delicious small artichokes; for as it was the Greek lent no meat could easily be had.