From the diaries of US Consul General Taylor Belcher and Edith Belcher:

Light lunch alone- Toby off with Phrydas. News said a seventy-year-old Englishman, Charles Woods, killed this morning while waiting for a bus near Secretariat! Been here thirty years and his daughter is married to a Kir. Simionidhes of Cyprus. All gone mad. He had many friends among the Greeks. Also several bombs all over city. Big bomb last night was at Famagusta Gate – they are now experimenting with Israeli type Hagganah bombs, but the boys are no more successful with these than they have been with others- percentagewise, that is. I talked to Nitsa after lunch. She didn’t know Woods but knew family. Gossip about Mrs. Woods is that ‘’she did a lot for troops here during the war- in the blackout!’’. What an island for Κουτσoμμπόλης!.