29 October 1930 - Alfiros, one of the Swedish excavators of the Swedish Cyprus Archaeological Expedition, describes:

Just before his departure yesterday the Crown Prince came in here to the Institute for a last overview of the material remaining in Swedish ownership. I was alone here and showed him around. He seemed very relieved after all the tension, and we fantasised together about what impression the finds were going to make in Sweden. He is such a pleasant person in all ways, so agreeable and human in every way, so personal and lovely.

Later in the day he was accompanied to the boat in Limassol by the Governor and his family, and by the entire Expedition. On the quay we said a heartfelt and short goodbye in front of a big crowd. The motor boat sped out to the steam ship Ifigenia with the Crown Prince, who stood at the stern waving the entire time. And with that our leader and our best support, and even a dear and esteemed friend, had left us. The Volvo swept back to Nicosia in the darkness of night carrying the four remaining Swedes.