Leto Severis in her book ‘’Ladies of Medieval Cyprus, Caterina Cornaro’’, describes how Charlotte manages to bring help to Cyprus, when Jame’s army occupied Cyprus, except for Famagusta and Kyrenia:

From Rhodes, Queen Charlotte went on to different European countries to ask for help... On the 15th of October 1461, she was granted an audience with Pope Pius II. With the help of a translator, Charlotte explained the situation in Cyprus with great eloquence. It seems that Charlotte made a very good impression on the Pope: although the Holy See had bad relations with the House of Savoy, Charlotte received the assistance she asked for. Pope Pius granted her a sum of money and a papal escort, and on the 29th of October, 1461, she arrived in Florence with letters of recommendation from the Pope. She later met King Louis XI in France, and finally she arrived at the Duchy of Savoy. She stayed there for four months, between Lausanne and Thonon. Her father-in-law, although he disliked her, was persuaded through the intercession of his wife and Charlotte’s aunt to give her food and a ship with military equipment.