American Missionary Lorenzo Warriner Pease was present at the fair of St. Luke in Aradippou:

We arose at 12 ½ a.m. and made preparations for going to Aradippou to attend the fair in honor of St. Luke. We arrived about 4 o’clock and found a great multitude of people who had come together in honor of St. Luke. Worshippers constantly presented themselves in the church, lighted their candles, presented themselves before the picture and gave way for others to do the same. The services while I was in were conducted chiefly by a boy and a young deacon. A Turk was present to keep order. There was the utmost disorder and confusion, nevertheless. At the gate of the church were beggars, and at the door of the entrance were several deacons and priests holding the images of different saints for the faithful to worship, and underneath them a cup to receive their offerings. They requested the people to remember St. George etc. and enjoy their health.