Swedish Archaeologist Alfred Westholm expressed his delight in the discoveries made in Cyprus and noted his interactions with the mining community:

On Friday the Gjerstads gave a dinner for the Swedish engineers here on Cyprus. Just when Einar came to fetch me up to Nicosia, we found a perfectly wonderful Egyptian head but carved in Cypriote stone. All styles meet here on Cyprus but it is rare that technique and style are of such a uniformly high level as here at Kition. Our find here, as a whole, is naturally among the most remarkable ever made on the island. In Nicosia I also met our friend Hedström, Sten’s old classmate from Falun. He has been here for a few weeks looking for ore and travels tomorrow to Romania via Athens. I have just arranged his tickets with the shipping company. All three engineers came here yesterday with the English head of the mining company to see the excavation and the finds. There is an awful lot of demonstrating of the site going on here constantly, in any number of languages, though mostly English. But I have developed a certain habit of cutting most visitors quite short.