The Greeks of Cyprus obtained a strong-worded firman from the Porte threatening new governor Chil Osman with punishment if he extracted more than the sum decreed. Archbishop Kyprianos describes the reading of the firman:

The Governor was sick with vexation, still 25 October was appointed for the reading of the document: not however publicly in full Divan, but in an apartment of the palace, in the presence of the Ulema, the aghas, the bishops, and a few Greeks and Turks, on the day when the ancient custom collects people from all parts of the island to the fair of S. Demetrios outside Nicosia. Here the villagers buy and sell what they want for their fields, and for their winter use, they make terms with their creditors and transact various business. The persons above mentioned assembled accordingly to hear the order, which was read, when the Governor began in a reproachful tone to ask the Archbishop what harm he had done to the rayah, that the Archbishop should accuse him to the Porte. Paisios replied, “God forbid, we came with tears to implore mercy on the poor rayah, but we never accused you.” He had hardly spoken these words, when the floor on the side on which we Greeks stood, for I was among them, suddenly and utterly collapsed, and we were hurled into a black gulf, bishops and attendants, Greeks and Turks, with other victims, and the beams of the roof heaped on top of us. With no small damage and risk of our lives we freed ourselves, and were dragged out covered with dust and dirt, scared all over, a sorry site!