George Boustronios, Cypriot chronicler in the service of King James II, recorded the distribution of land by Queen Caterina Cornaro to the new Councillor and Constable of Cyprus:

And on the third of January the proveditore of the Venetians sent two letters to Lefkosia: one to Sir John de Ras and the other to the people of the town. He also sent them thirty ducats as a present. And on the same day Sir John de Ras received a letter from the queen with this declaration: ‘For the many services and faithful dealings of our beloved Count of Roucha, Morphou de Grinier, we have appointed him as Councillor, and we have granted him for his maintenance Marathasa and Alexandra and Letimbou and Diorimi. Also we have made Peter Davila Constable of Cyprus and have given him the villages that belonged to Rizzo, Yenagra and Stremmata, and the two estates of Pelentria, and have given him also his houses in Famagusta and the houses of Zaplana in Lefkosia, which belonged formerly to the Count of Tripoli, the houses opposite to the castle. Also we have given him the Armenian vineyard at St. Dometios.’