Swedish archaeologist Alfred Westholm did not have difficulties only with the people and the ruins in Cyprus. He also suffered a lot by the fevers:

When the last letter arrived a week ago I was in bed with a cold and a high fever. I had been saving it up for rather a long time and then one morning the fever was up to 40̊ and then I stayed home. Einar naturally called for Koureas, who since then has been here every day with his shots, injections and poisons. The result was that I was obliged to stay in bed all week, he is so ridiculously cautious. I did not get up until today. I am going to Kerynia today to pay my respects to the bishop there, my errand being some antiquities that are built into the church walls at Galini. Tomorrow I will go out to Soli and continue the excavations. The weather looks not too impossible, and I had best take the opportunity.