Title: Covers written by Vice-Admiral Lord John Hay

Description: 1878 Covers written by Vice-Admiral John Hay to his father in Kent (2) or his wife in Malta or France, franked G.B 2 1/5d cancelled at Malta (Mar 4), Spain 10 c,15c cancelled at Mahon, Bellearics (Mar18), Italy 30c. cancelled at Siracuse(Mar 31) or Italy 10c, 20c cancelled at Cagliari(june 17). Three of the covers have “H.M.S  SHANNON” printed on the flap. Vice- Admiral Hay commanded the Naval Squadron which landed the British troops at Larnaca on 4th July1878.

Author / Producer / Info: Vice Admiral John Hay

Media: covers

Size: 10cm x 8cm, 10cm x 8cm, 12cm x 10cm, 12cm x 10cm

Date: 1878

Condition: very good

Provenance: unknown

Keywords: letter, Vice Admiral Lord John Hay