Rupert Gunnis was the official escort of all VIPs visiting Cyprus. He formed his own opinion about them and knew exactly where to take them and how to treat them:

Church and hospital and then down to Larnaca to meet the King of Spain. On board the “Theophile Gautier” and found HM and the Duke of Miranda and had lunch with them. HE charming and boyish but has leant nothing by adversity! Pronounced Hapsburg lip, talked at once about his “strong hand” and really ruling, said he could go back to Spain tomorrow if he wished and would be back in a year. Cursed Revolutionaries who wouldn’t allow him to take away his Garter or photographs of mother. Escaped with only seven trunks, now very poor and only 2% of former income. Took him up to Nicosia, then he and HE and I and Miranda in two cars to Bella Paise. Back to tea and then took them down to Larnaca and on board the ship. For full account see my letter.