Ornithologist F H H Guillemard visited Cyprus twice. During his first visit he met many British officers:

Arrived at Larnaka about 4.00pm. Fought Miss Burke into a boat, and found myself and luggage into another. Passed the customs and paid £3 for my guns. Then having found the tout of the hotel, I went with him to call upon the commissioner, one C. D. Cobham, to whom Ward had given me a letter. He is fairly affable, but Oxford, and a bit stiff. Here I found Thomas, chief of Police, a very good fellow and very much the reverse of stiff. He went round with me to Hotel, and finding no bed (the Mitchells having just returned with children from Europe). Said “you will have to stay with the Walpoles”. Went round and did so, finding Walpole was the same man I had known in old Pembroke Lodge days, and his wife was Miss Forde of Lexden Terrace, Tenby whom I also recollected, and who used to be a friend of Maddies’. Also a queer nice Irish girl with a delicious brogue on to her was there. The Walpoles had to go out to dinner, but their place was taken by Mr and Mrs Mitchell and we had a pleasant dinner.