US Consul General Taylor Belcher in correspondence with the Secretary of State: 

Makarios in exclusive interview given Eleftheria is reported rejecting any proposals for partitioning Cyprus, for establishment Turkish base in Cyprus, and for holding tripartite discussions. Any British decision based on these three points will be flatly rejected by Cypriot people. Makarios further related “Cyprus belongs to Cypriots and they alone can take decisions on their future. The Cypriot people are not prepared to forego their rights or delegate them to others.” Phileleftheros headlines London report that Archbishop has warned Brit Labour Party that Cypriots patience rapidly being exhausted. Eleftheria editorial sharply rebukes present American leadership for failure to support Greek Cypriots. It says Greeks remember anniversary birth of George Washington because Greeks believe in ideals for which he stood. Even though present American leaders have forgotten them.