Leontios Macheras, Cypriot chronicler attached to the court of the Lusignans, reported the raid of Kind Peter I on Sidon:

On Wednesday the fifth of October the king and his fleet came to Famagusta; and the king left Famagusta and came to Lefkosia; and he ordered them to take the sultan’s envoys and a part of his people to the prisons at Kerynia: the rest he imprisoned in the lodging of the Lord of Tyre. And at once by his orders they made a proclamation: ‘any one who is willing to go to the sultan’s country to pillage, can go, and they may come back again to Cyprus to rest and then go there again, and they shall be given at Famagusta whatever they may need from the arsenal.’ When the two Genoese galleys which were at Rhodes and belonged to the king, heard this,Sir Peter de Grimante and his brother Sir John de Grimante,–they took leave and fitted out the galleys and went to Sidon; and they found in the harbour there three ships loaded full with light merchandise, and they seized them and came to Cyprus: and they fell in with another Saracen vessel, and they took them and brought them all to Famagusta, to the glory of the Holy Cross.