Edith Belcher, wife of US Consul General Taylor Belcher, wrote in her diary of a visit to the Cyprus station of the Foreign Broadcasting Information Service (FBIS) in Karavas:

Jack took us through the station-lovely situation right on the sea. Jack’s house very attractive. Toby knows the station well but it was my first time. We have fifty foreign nationals working there who listen and monitor radio broadcasts all night and day. Our station covers the entire Middle-East area, Balkans, North Africa, Arab countries, Peking and Russia. Tremendous area and the workings of this intricate setup are most fascinating. The foreigners listen, summarize or give full details, whichever the American editors wish. These are then monitored back to Washington. They are now installing a TV listener set. Most of the operation is above my layman’s head but the gargantuan importance of it all is not. All the land we sublease from the church except a fenced-in area which houses J. Allen and the Kings (chief engineer). This part we own. A most exciting tour.