Writing to his parents, Alfred Westrhom of the Swedish Archaeological Expedition to Cyprus speaks of the perils of malaria on the island

So I am still here and shall be for a few days, for together with the mail from home there also came a letter from Einar saying he had to stay in bed a for week due to malaria. September is the difficult time when this often latent illness breaks out. That is what seems to have befallen Einar. He must be confined to bed until he is free of the fever. Koureas, who has just returned from a long trip to the United States, is caring for him. Even up here at Vouni the malaria is taking greater and greater hold. Giorkis had to be sent away, you remember. At the moment his comrade Simeon (the other of Erik’s permanently employed workers) is lying in the room next door, groaning and rambling incoherent gibberish in a familiar and typical manner. I wonder how long he can hold out here. Even Eleni has come in shaking and drenched in sweat now and again over the last few days and asked if she may go and lie down. Strangely enough I myself am the only one (except Lindros of course, who seems unable to get sick) who has remained completely free of it. That is just as well. I do not think I would have time for “hopping-tremors” right now.