John Locke was one of a number of pilgrims who anchored at Limassol and made a short tour of Cyprus:

This town is ruinated and nothing in it worth writing, save onely in the mids of the towne there had been a fortress, which is now decayed and the walls now overthrowen, which a Turkish Rover with certaine gallies did destroy about 10 or 12 yeeres past. This day, walking to see the towne, we chanced to see in the market place a great quantity of a certaine vermine called in the Italian tongue Cavalette. It is as I can learne, both in shape and bignesse like a grasshopper for I judge but little difference. Of these many yeeres they have had such quantity that they destroy all their corne. They are so plagued by them, that almost every yeere they doe well nie loose halfe their corne, whether it be the nature of the country, or the plague of God, that let them judge that best can define….