The pilgrim Bar’s kyj’s left Cyprus on August 13, sailing from Larnaka. He commented on the people of the island and their hospitality but did not neglect to refer to the unhealthy climate of Cyprus:

On this wonderful island I encountered many prudent and virtuous people, many of whom showed me hospitality while I wandered here and there over the two years which I spent on the island. Many times I fell ill and with God’s help recovered. In Cyprus there are many things which are praiseworthy, but it does not have a healthy climate, especially in Nicosia and Larnaca. I think that it is because of this I did not see there very old people, as there are in other countries. I recovered from my illness and was preparing for my journey when the time arrived for the new harac. I had heard that war had broken out between Turkey and Moscow, and I was afraid to delay my departure any longer. I went to the Archbishop in Nicosia to say farewell and to thank him, and with his help I obtained the harac and without pausing returned to Larnaca. I could not find a vessel sailing directly to Patmos, but found a Christian vessel sailing for the lands near Patmos, and having agreed with the sailors on a fare of fifty silver coins, I went on board. I sailed from Cyprus on August 13, before the feast of the Dormition of Our Most Holy Mother of God.