The American Missionary Lorenzo Warriner Pease visited Scala with his family where he met Mrs Amiet and made some purchases:

Yesterday I took my whole family to Scala to see Mrs. Amiet and the babe and to make some necessary purchases. We went in the Aga’s wagon and arrived at 6 1/4 a.m. in 3 1/2 hours. Besides accomplishing this business we called on Dr. Meryon, an English physician and his family who also returned the call towards night.  They are about to sail this week for Italy where they will spend the winter and probably return to England in the Spring. He has been the physician of Lady Hester Stanhope for several years. I presented the Temperance Journal to him, besides some tracts, both bound and encased, among which was the Mother at Home. I also found an English captain Mr. Sampson Sawyer, master of Three Sisters, a schooner which has brought cotton from Alexandretta to be pressed and carried to London.