An anonymous journal describes the tour of a gentleman of the East India Company:

In the evening we weighed anchor and sailed for Larnaca, and arrived about noon of the 2nd at the Marine, a mile distant from the town. We went immediately on shore and being conducted to the consular-house, found Mr Burford in a very indifferent state of health and likewise learned that the consul Mr Devezin had been seized that morning with a violent fever. He, however, soon came out to receive us, and gave us as kind and genteel a reception, as could be expected from a person in his situation, and we are all accommodated with lodgings at his house. In the evening we paid a visit to Mr Rizzini, a merchant of this place, and brother to the Venetian consul to Aleppo, and also to the lady of the latter, who lives at present at the house of her brother, Mr Capara, the Venetian proconsul. We met with a very polite reception, and found the lady sensible and accomplished; she was very agreeable in her person, but being an Italian, and of French education, she was very partial to their manners.