The American missionary Lorenzo Warriner Pease took note of homemade production of cheese on the island:

The people make chaloumi in the following manner. They boil the milk of the goat, and put into it some of the dried coagulated milk from the stomach of a sucking lamb, which coagulates. They then press it, cut into slices, and boil it in the whey until it rises to the top. This is preserved in whey as long as they please. Anari is another kind. When they have separated the whey and the curd, they take a little whey and put into new milk, which they boil until it curdles. This is then pressed in a small basket and is ready for use. It is a very pleasant condiment. Caimac is the cream, which rises upon boiling milk, when they make leban. Leban is sour milk, when the milk is boiled, a little sour milk is put in, it is then put aside, and in a few hours is ready for use. It is eaten with sugar dibs etc and bread.